Who's attending

HLTH is an ecosystem event that brings together payers, providers, employers, investors, fast-growing startups, pharma, policymakers and innovation centers to discuss the trends and strategies needed to change the future of health. You’ll meet with a diverse group of senior leaders and decision makers across health from large & medium to small & startup companies.

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Payers & Providers

What innovative technologies and administrative procedures are payers and providers implementing to reduce costs, provide better services and streamline operations?

Payers and Providers are eligible for a free ticket through our Hosted Buyer Program. To see if you qualify click here.


Are you the head of benefits in your organization, exploring emerging employer benefit plan innovations and emerging technologies to provide the best options for your employees?In collaboration with Mercer, we’re putting together an Employer Program to explore these new innovations and solutions shaping the future of health.

Employers are eligible for a free ticket through our Hosted Buyer Program. To see if you qualify click here.


There’s no better place for investors to find the latest innovations, meet the greatest disrupters and hear perspectives from established leaders to evaluate opportunities in the context of the market.

Investors also qualify for Funding Founders, a networking program where we match you with startups at the right stage and from the right sector to secure your ideal networking opportunities and maximize your ROI. We anticipate that HLTH 2019 will generate over 1,500 meetings. To learn more please click here.


Startups are playing a critical role in the future of health and HLTH provides a platform for the leading startups to showcase the latest innovations with a number of exclusive programs specifically designed for them. You can take advantage of special event registration rates, a startup pitch contest, special exhibiting packages, and 1:1 meetings with leading investors.

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What ground breaking solutions is pharma seeking to personalize medicine, boost outcomes, and come out ahead in risk contracts? What are the hottest solutions tech has to offer today? And who is reimagining the value chain? HLTH is continuing to define the future of pharma by highlighting growing trends, showcasing promising startups, and recognizing proven therapies.

Qualified buyers from pharma companies are eligible for a free ticket through our Hosted Buyer Program. To see if you qualify click here.


The ACA is being hotly debated across political aisles. States are feeling the pressure to manage Medicaid and issues have arisen around diminishing quality care, increased aging population and misaligned financial objectives. At HLTH, we’ll examine and debate the government’s role and response to the changing healthcare landscape and the implications for consumers of care.

Qualified individuals are eligible for a free ticket through our Hosted Buyer Program.  To see if you qualify click here.

Associations & Organizations

How are health associations and organizations championing initiatives to improve health quality and outcomes, advocating for shared standards, and making investments in modern capabilities? At HLTH, associations and organizations have the opportunity to join the conversation and collaborate to advance health services, systems, solutions, and policies that benefit all.