Hosted Buyer

Hosted Buyer Program

Matching Qualified Buyers with our Sponsors in 1:1 Meetings

The Hosted Buyer Program is a curated networking event, providing complimentary tickets to qualified individuals.

This program matches qualified buyers from established payers, providers, employers, pharma and government with HLTH sponsors.

This program is not meant for solution providers, startups or investors – applications will not be considered.

*Key dates to remember:

  • September 30: Program launches
  • October 10: Last day to register as a Buyer
  • October 11: Program closes

*We are no longer accepting applications for the 2019 event.


Qualified buyers and influencers from payers, providers, employers, pharma and government responsible for buying or evaluating health technologies or solutions for their company.


Agree to eight, 15-minute meetings with HLTH’s participating sponsors. Meeting schedules are sent out before the event.


In a designated area on Monday, October 28, 1:30-2:30pm and 6:15-7:30pm, and Tuesday, October 29, 12:45-2pm and 6-7:30pm.


We’re creating an open environment to evaluate technologies and solutions while making connections in the health industry.

Hosted Buyer meetings are arranged via a mutual opt-in process in order to maximize the effectiveness of meetings between parties.

Qualifications for Hosted Buyer Program

NOTE: The spirit of the Hosted Buyer Program is meant for qualified buyers and influencers who are decision makers. It is not meant for solution providers, startups or investors.