Health Policy Showcase

United States of Care

Health Policy Showcase

At HLTH, we’re hosting a health policy showcase in concert with United States of Care, the non-partisan non-profit committed to affordable coverage for all Americans. The health policy showcase will bring policymakers and policy discussions together at health care’s most important event of the year.

Speakers, panels, and up-close conversations with leading policymakers and thought leaders will combine with HLTH’s focus on identifying the most innovative and disruptive technologies, solutions and strategies that are primed to transform health

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United States of Care Presents We The People

United States of Care presents experts and innovators who are striving to Form a More Perfect(ly Healthy) Union as they offer long-lasting, non-partisan solutions to increase access to affordable health care. Against the backdrop of a transformative moment in our country’s health care system, we will unlock the confusing policy path and decisions necessary for improving health affordability, access and value for all. We will reveal the inherent political and economic challenges standing in the way of meaningful health care reform.