HLTH 2018 Testimonials

Speaker Testimonials

“Best health care conference I have ever attended. Bar none.” – David T. Feinberg, MD, MBA, President & CEO, Geisinger

“Overnight HLTH has become “the conference” for networking, business-building, idea generation.”  – Dr. Amy Abernethy, Chief Medical Officer, Flatiron Health

“A refreshing take on the overcrowded health conference scene.” – Dr. Simon Kos, Chief Medical Officer, Microsoft

“HLTH brought together a great mix of industry leaders and startups.” – Anne Wojcicki, CEO and Co-Founder, 23andMe

“HLTH has inspired the entire health industry to step up and make profound decisions on the way we engage and inspire people to manage their health.” – Marcus Osborne, VP, Health Transformation, Walmart

“HLTH 2018 was arguably the best conference I’ve ever been to – period. October will be perfect.” – Trevor Price, Founder & CEO, Oxeon Partners

“HLTH is one of a small number I will appear at every year, if asked. I found it very professional with the right people there.” – Andy Slavitt, General Partner, Town Hall Ventures

“HLTH was unique in facilitating serious conversations among leaders about our healthcare system and innovation, while creating an atmosphere of fun.” – Ana Gupta, Managing Director, Senior Research Analyst, LEERINK Partners

“The inaugural HLTH Conference was nothing short of exceptional! HLTH was loaded with meaningful content, high caliber speakers, attendees from all across healthcare, and a high energy, contemporary ambiance. HLTH is on my MUST ATTEND annual conference list. Grateful for the move to the fall – prudent decision!” – James Mault, MD, FACS, SVP & Chief Medical Officer, Qualcomm Life

“HLTH is a place that allows innovators to have real conversations with payers and providers, and compel them to be part of improving vs. impeding healthcare innovation!” – Bridget Duffy, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Vocera Communications, Inc.

“HLTH event exceeded my expectations! Having worked a decade in the world of video games and tech and being exposed to dozens of big-money events – I feel that we finally have one in healthcare! Big applause for the fist pump worth intro video that started the general sessions and reminded everyone why we are here. – Ari Tulla, Co-founder & CEO, BetterDoctor

“HLTH created a well-balanced and well-organized format for positive change to occur across nearly every area of health. Moving the event to the fall – away from the clutter of conferences in the spring – is a thoughtful decision!” – Robin Thurston, CEO, Helix

“HLTH is an important event for the entire health ecosystem! Having it in the Fall will allow all stakeholders to attend – without feeling stretched by the many overlapping events in the Spring.” – Stephen Kraus, Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners

“I wanted to send a big thank you to you and your team for helping us make our AI workshop happen during HLTH. We think it was a big success and we couldn’t have done it without your support. Overall, I thought HLTH was excellent, and we are looking forward to 2019.” – Andrew Thompson, Co-Founder, President and CEO, Proteus Digital Health

“HLTH was unique – it brought together a different mix of stakeholders, startups, companies and industry luminaries and added the “health and wellness” aspect to what is normally a primarily “care” focused conversation. The move to October – it’s great!  Not only is the spring filled with other healthcare events, but there really isn’t anything comparable for the remainder of the calendar year, leaving many of us wondering how we continue to keep the momentum going until the following year.” Jennifer Esposito, Worldwide General Manager, Health and Life Sciences, Intel Corporation

“The HLTH conference was a great opportunity to reinforce Lyft’s continued commitment to eliminating transportation barriers in healthcare. The event enabled us to reconnect with our strategic partners to strengthen relationships, and also afforded us the chance to meet new healthcare leaders. Sitting down with important organizations across the ecosystem to discuss ways we can partner together to improve health outcomes was incredibly rewarding.” – David Baga, Chief Business Officer, Lyft

“This was, without qualification, the best-orchestrated event in my experience: user-friendly, high value and seamless. The attention to detail and extra touches were off the charts stellar. The support staff amazing. The exhibit hall accessible and well run. Great A/V. More than ample food and drink. The takeaways of superb connections, high-level networking, and great content were of immense value. If I could only go to one conference a year, HLTH would be it. Sign me up for October!” – Dennis A. Robbins Ph.D., M.P.H. Principal and Founder, Person Centric Solutions and IDEAS

“The conversations at HLTH had a nice balance of provocative innovation and practical impact, underscored by a consistent theme of collaboration. Many of the barriers faced in transforming the healthcare system can be addressed through greater collaboration and HLTH helps create connections and set that positive tone.” – Neil de Crescenzo, President and Chief Executive Officer, Change Healthcare

“I was most impressed with the breadth of high quality attendees that HLTH drew. Every 10 feet I’d run into all the colleagues, potential customers, and investors that I’ve been trying to find time to meet with. I was able to get a tremendous amount of business done in a very short period of time. I also appreciate the high production value of the conference itself. Bravo on a job well done! I’m looking forward to returning in 2019.” – A.G. Breitenstein, Partner, Optum Ventures

“Overnight, HLTH has become “the conference” for networking, business-building, idea generation and catching up with great friends for those of us focused on healthcare innovation. A must do event.” – Alexi Nazem, Co-Founder, and CEO, Nomad Health

“Jon, it was good to attend HLTH in Vegas. You and your team did a great job. Your professionalism and attention to details set you apart from most of the similar events I attend. I’d love to bring you to Europe and set up something similar here.” – Ali Parsa, CEO & Founder, Babylon

“HLTH provided an incredible opportunity to network with a large number of the “right” CEOs, and other C-level executives, from the most interesting and most important organizations innovating in healthcare today.” – Dr. Andrew Norden, Chief Medical Officer, Cota Healthcare

“A fantastic inaugural gathering of the healthcare technology industry’s best executives, thought leaders, entrepreneurs and investors all in one place — amazing! Thrilled to participate and super excited to help further expand HLTH into the must-attend event of the year!” – Bill Geary, Co-founder & Partner, Flare Capital Partners

“The inaugural HLTH conference provided a powerful platform for founders like me to broadcast innovations and observations alongside industry giants, connect with leading investors, and learn from the most provocative lantern-bearers curated from a $3T industry. In short, HLTH offered much-needed oxygen to the healthcare flame.” – Blake Marggraff, CEO, Epharmix

“I am impressed that HLTH organizers managed to pull off such a remarkable line-up of speakers and a well-organized event…while doing it for the first time in healthcare space. Looking forward to attending next year!” – Bozi Jovicevic, VP Global Head of Digital Medicine, Sanofi

“HLTH is the best conference I have attended since we launched Aspire. Having everyone in such a relaxed atmosphere, but in the same physical building, makes a huge difference in terms of being able to bump into folks and have impromptu conversations.” – Brad Smith, CEO, Aspire

“With palpable energy and buzz, HLTH’s inaugural event punched above its weight class and exceeded all expectations. It featured world-class speakers in a top-notch space, a well-curated curriculum that hit on all of the high notes, and a program design that allowed for plenty of meaningful discussions among just the right count and quality of players best positioned to drive progress in the industry. I’m looking forward to round 2 in 2019!” – Chris Klomp, CEO, Collective Medical

“Amid hundreds of annual conferences one can attend in the crowded, complex world of healthcare, the inaugural HLTH conference broke through the noise with quality speakers and moderators that kept attendees energized and engaged while providing a unique platform to discuss the most pressing issues in the collective quest to transform the industry. I’m happy to have had the opportunity to speak onstage at HTLH with other innovators about how our solutions are helping optimize and streamline healthcare delivery to improve engagement and outcomes, and I look forward to speaking at and attending the show in years to come.” – Chris Martini, Chief Provider Officer, PatientPoint

“I have been in health care for 30 years: initially at the Surgical faculty at Stanford as a surgeon, later involved in medical device development, and currently involved in digital health innovation as a board member, entrepreneur and operator. I have launched a lot of products to address various unmet needs and treat thousands (now millions) of patients. I have been to a LOT of medical and business conferences. HLTH is at the top of that heap: it was a really incredible experience. Primarily because the HLTH team convened so many experts from hugely diverse worlds to meet in a really unique setting. I am sure it will continue to be a great success. I’ll be there in 2019″ – David S. Utley, M.D., President and CEO, Carrot

“HLTH was a great opportunity to catch up with old colleagues and meet new people. It was the best new conference I’ve been to in years.” – David Muhlestein, Chief Research Officer, Leavitt Partners, LLC

“As we reflect on HLTH, the magic about this new conference is the ability to attract and encourage dialogue and information sharing while facilitating the necessary connections that can help the healthcare system live up to its potential. That’s a tall order, but if the inaugural event is any indication, the HLTH team is up for the challenge in 2019!” – Dawn Owens, President, TripleTree

“HTLH 2018 was so outstanding that it was hard to believe it was the first time it was being held! Every aspect of the meeting was extremely well-done and highly polished. The meeting attendees were an extremely diverse group, chock full of entrepreneurs and investors, with many new faces. I will definitely attend in 2019!” – Earl Steinberg, Chief Executive Officer, xG Health Solutions

“Really enjoyed pitching and showcasing Tilak Healthcare at HLTH 2018 this week. Amazing first edition and definitely an event worth attending. Will come back next year for sure. – Edouard Gasser, CEO, Tilak Healthcare

“HLTH is the healthcare industry’s must-attend annual event. The caliber of speakers, attendees, and discussion topics was incredible – a who’s-who in healthcare willing to engage in meaningful conversation on our critical timely issues. I walked away inspired and excited about the year ahead.” – Eric Stone, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Velano

“HLTH offered a completely new kind of healthcare event – a single place for the entire ecosystem to engage in the same conversation with a fantastic diversity of perspectives.” – Eric Kinariwala, Founder and CEO, Capsule

“HLTH put on a spectacular first-year conference! The agenda had a great mix of those who’ve been in health and those who are entering the health industry and want to contribute to bringing about real change.” – Freddy Abnousi, Head of Healthcare – Research, Facebook

“I think the conference was terrific. With time, it should overtake JPM.” – Jacqueline Kosecoff, PhD, Managing Partner, Moriah Partners, LLC

“HLTH is an outstanding venue to connect with employers, venture capital, and entrepreneurs and founders representing the newest, most innovative concepts and strategies to disrupt and improve the health care system. Unbeatable learning, networking, and idea-generating potential. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for HLTH 2019!” – James Gelfand, SVP, Health Policy, ERISA

“Everywhere I turned at HLTH conference I found someone I wanted to drop everything and catch up with their new projects or find out why I had never met this amazing person before.” – Jessica Zeaske, Director Healthcare Investments, GE Ventures

“One of the most interesting and exciting conferences of the year. . . Especially enjoyed meeting with start-ups, bring new ideas and energy to HLTH!” – Jonathan Perlin, President, Clinical Services and Chief Medical Officer, HCA

“I think the HLTH conference was incredible. The content was various, but yet key themes emerged. The quality of the participants, the creativity in production, location, and substance from the speeches made this event stand apart. I hope to come and participate or speak again in the future, I was able to see old friends and meet new ones through this great platform you have built.” – Kai Worrell, CEO, Worrell

“The HLTH event was ideal and unlike other healthcare events: C-Levels and Founders (not sales & marketing execs) in honest, candid, uncanned dialogue with critical journalists. Program curation resulted in topics worth discussing and digging deeper between contrasting views on delivery, payment, and product development for devices, therapies, and market adoption of innovation. Worth it, and worth the time over all other healthcare events” – Lihi Segal, Co-Founder & CEO, DayTwo

“I really liked the mix of small and large companies, and the innovative and practical topics discussed!” – Mahesh Krishnan, CBO, DaVita

“The first HLTH event was a huge success led by terrific content, amazing people, and a curated group of companies new to me. I am proud to have been a panelist and pitch competition judge at this first class, well run meeting. I look forward to advancing the conversation at the must attend October 2019 edition.” – Matt Hermann, Senior Managing Director, Ascension

“I had a great time! HLTH Conference was well organized. I was always kept in the loop by the team, and the sessions were a lot of fun. The swag we got was a nice touch and I appreciate being invited to the stage. Looking forward to the event next year!” – Nikhil Krishnan, Senior Analyst, CB Insights

“I truly enjoyed the experience of participating in the 2018 HLTH conference, a great gathering of industry leaders and forum for thoughtful discussion. It will continue to require a collaborative effort amongst many stakeholders in our industry to meet the changing needs of consumers and our healthcare system. I look forward to HTLH 2019 and to furthering the conversation!” – Nimesh S. Jhaveri, MBA, R.PH., DVP, Health Services Development, Walgreen Co.

“HLTH exceeded my expectations. From the general sessions and break-outs to the networking opportunities with a strong group of leaders in health, it was a terrific event.” – Paul Irving, Chairman, Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging

“HLTH 2018 was a remarkable event. This inaugural conference featured innovative concepts and honest reflection of the present state of health and healthcare. Additionally, it set the audience on a path of radical improvement so that consumers, caregivers and patients can live a long life of high quality, leveraging the best that science and medicine have to offer. Those that did not attend missed something special. I strongly recommend that they attend and contribute to next year’s session.” – Ray Fabius, Co-Founder, HealthNEXT

“I learned so much at HLTH and made such great contacts. Fall is the perfect time for the industry to gather and be able to focus on the community and what is new in the industry, away from the busy time in Spring.” – RJ Krawiec, Principal, Deloitte

“HLTH has met the unmet demand of providing a top-notch platform where health-related investors and businesses collaborate. The speaking engagement gave profound exposure to my startup to a large audience of media, founders, and investors. I found profound value in the speaking engagement and the HLTH event as a whole.” – Sam M, Co-Founder and CBO, 9zest

“The inaugural HLTH event was exceptional in every way. The agenda was insightful, the speakers were elite and the attendees both senior and informed. Easily the best healthcare conference I have attended or spoken at. More importantly, the move to the fall next year will create a tentpole event for healthcare in the second half of the year. “ – Sangeeta Chakraborty, Chief Customer Officer, Ayasdi

“I have attended 15 annual JP Morgan Healthcare conferences — the largest in the industry. After attending the inaugural HLTH conference, it’s clear that HLTH is well positioned to soon become the leading conference as the world moves toward the future of healthcare.” – Savan Devani, Founder, BioTrillion

“HLTH 2018 was exciting for a number of reasons: the impressive quality of speakers, the valuable connection for rising startups with established players, and the inspiring quality of experts who had their finger on the pulse of the evolving world of healthcare. We were honored to be asked to join a panel with other leaders in innovation, and to network with folks from across the country. HLTH 2018 was valuable for us for two additional reasons: the opportunity to meet with companies innovating in the payor space, and to see technology innovations that promise to disrupt the care space.” – Tim Peck, Co-founder and CEO, Call9

“The event was excellent for us: it gave GeneYouIn much greater clarity about our U.S. market strategy; just 10 days later we’ve signed 4 NDAs with the prospective business partners, and have enough real-world information to build 2019 forecast. Overall, a great HLTH experience (I already told about it to everyone in Toronto:) Thank you for the opportunity!” – Veronika Litinski, CEO, GeneYouIn

“On Behalf of Team Keriton, I would like to thank you, and the HLTH team, for putting together an excellent healthcare “festival” of sorts – from fascinating panel discussions to innovative presentations to interesting announcements, it was an experience like none other. Getting to participate as a finalist for the Pitch Competition was the cherry on top for us – we are currently fundraising and the introductions at HLTH are definitely coming in handy. Kudos to the entire HLTH team!” – Vidur S. Bhatnagar, Founder & CEO, Keriton

“I have to say the HLTH conference was a really well-done event. As a start-up, we got a lot of value from being there and the potential investor/partner connections I made there have been really good.” – Vikram Chalana, CEO, Steth IO

“HLTH 2018 was an outstanding conference, especially considering it was the first such event. Unlike many conferences, the sessions were well attended. This was because the presenters were CEO’s themselves, or high-level executives who are central to the business. The Plenary Sessions had several strong panels and interviews and were informative. As a longtime healthcare company Chairman/CEO, I was impressed. HLTH 2018 was highly organized and professionally produced. My company and I intend to be even more engaged in HLTH 2019.” – William Winkenwerder, Chairman, Citius Tech, Inc.

“One of the key elements that, in my opinion, the healthcare industry was missing, is an event that is concentrated around, and dedicated to, the rapid change that digital health is bringing to the space. HLTH really addressed this with a dedicated event full of inspiring speakers, great agenda, top-notch attendees – all in a great venue.” – Yuval Mor, CEO, Beyond Verbal

“The 2018 HLTH conference was one of the best gatherings of true innovators in healthcare. The event was filled with bright people who are driving change on the frontlines – from startups who are just getting off the ground all the way to Fortune 500 companies. I loved being part of a forward-thinking group who spoke about innovation and set forth plans for action.” – Zoe Barry, CEO, Zapp Rx

“HLTH was incredibly well thought out providing content I have long believed belonged on the big stage. Patients are the center of everything; without them there would be no healthcare. It’s about time someone showcased how innovative technology providers can help make healthcare better for everyone. I look forward to being involved for years to come!” – Bird Blitch, CEO, Patientco

Attendee Testimonials

“Broad spectrum of players/stakeholders in healthcare industry in one place.” – Catherine J. Tabaka, President & CEO, Sodexo Healthcare – North America, Sodexo – Healthcare

“The conference was very well organized and the technical capacity of the app for Q&A and live polling was very cool.” – Keena Roberts, Senior Consumer Health Analyst, Euromonitor International

“The tone, topics and attendees all seemed focused on [HLTH is] the future of healthcare with an emphasis on the role of technology, which is a perfect space for our company to engage.” – Josh Ades, Sr. Manager Digital & Event Marketing, mPulse Mobile

“There were folks in attendance from start-ups and huge corporations, from payers, providers, pharma, and public sectors. It was valuable to have so many different viewpoints on the healthcare system. Some were very focused and some were much broader. I was very satisfied with the content.” – Dr. Kristopher Standish, Data Scientist, Johnson & Johnson

“Great place to learn about innovation in health care across the board and meet the innovators.” – Karen Frost, VP, Health Strategy & Solutions, Alight Solutions

“It was interesting to hear from speakers and other vendors what they do in the healthcare space. Healthcare as an industry is huge and the speakers/exhibitors at HLTH covered a large expanse.” – Cynthia Klacking, Marketing & Brand Manager, AxiaMed

“Great opportunity to connect with broad ecosystem of innovation: start-ups, innovative growth companies, learning forums, investors, buyers of services, etc.” – Matt Sopcich, President, myStrength, Inc.

“This was an outstanding event from my perspective; a new way of looking at the healthcare ecosystem.” – Teresa Andrillon, Vice President Revenue Management, Fresenius Medical Care North America

“I found the attendees the most valuable. Everyone was responsive I engaged with start-up founders and CEOs of established brands. The announcement about Xcertia was huge. Everyone was approachable and shared information about their industry, their challenges and their outlook for the future.” – Kiplyn Primus, Communications, Fulton-DeKalb Hospital Authority

“Content was very on point and the conference was very “manageable” to host both meetings while exploring content in free time.” – Andy Smith, Senior Associate, Oak HC/FT

“This is my conference moving forward. The other [conferences] are just the “same old same old” and really are all the same or too narrow in focus. Best bang for your time investment is HLTH.” – Nick Tant, Sr. Dir, Individual Consumer Segment Lead, Florida Blue