Women in AI for Life Sciences: What They’ve Accomplished and Why We Need More

Hosted by: IEEE

October 28, 2019: 12:00 – 2:30pm

Location: Room 205

More diversity, more responsible engineering, and better AI-based outcomes for health. The IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Standards Association is hosting an important workshop to highlight the progress and contributions of women both in the technical development of responsible AI applications for life sciences and the use of AI-based applications to solve critical health problems. While there are great examples of progress, this session will have a discussion on how to cultivate a younger generation of female mathematicians and current AI technologists to pursue applications and development in the life science sector.

Diverse Learning Sets

  • Case Study: AI/ML for Predicting Potential for Opioid-Induced Deaths
    • Brandi McCleskey, MD, Assistant Professor, Associate Coroner/Medical Examiner, Department of Pathology, Jefferson County Coroner/Medical Examiner’s Office, The University of Alabama at Birmingham
    • Jim Nasr, Vice President, Technology & Innovation, Synchrogenix, a Certara company
  • Understanding: How to Effectively Evaluate the Right Approach of AI/ML Algorithms to Validate Outcomes for Real-Life Health Applications
    • Dr. Maria Luis Pineda, CEO, Cofounder, Envisagenics, Inc.
  • Understanding: The Role Women in AI Play in Larger Multi-National Organizations
    • Microsoft Engineer
  • Why and What May Be Needed for Women in AI for Life Sciences
    • Maria Palombini, Director of Communities and Opportunities, Life Sciences, IEEE Standards Association

Interactive Opportunities

  • Open Mic Session
    • Participants can stand up and provide open comment on how, why, where women can be more involved in responsible for AI in life sciences.
  • Rapid Fire
    • Audience Q&A with Speaker Panel

Coffee/tea available during the session; lunch will be served at the conclusion.