Intel Solve: AI Solutions
Transforming Care from Edge to Cloud

Hosted by: Intel

October 27, 2019: 9:00am – 12:00pm

Intel brings you together with leading healthcare industry experts to examine some of the most pressing challenges faced today throughout the journey of patient care. Come join the conversation and learn how artificial intelligence (AI) solutions can address these unique challenges and how you can find success in transforming your organization. Precision medicine, clinical systems, and pharmaceutical processes will be explored.

Panel 1: Ubiquitous Precision Medicine: 3 Top Challenges
New massive data sets, such as those found with genomics, are treasure troves of unstructured data. But to unlock the intelligence hidden inside requires new technologies and capabilities, including AI, which can find patterns in data that the human reviewer cannot spot. In this interactive panel session, industry experts will discuss three top challenges and how you can overcome them to further advances in precision medicine.

  • Moderator: Bryce Olson, Global Strategist for Intel’s Health and Life Sciences Group
  • Susan Tousi, Senior Vice President, Product Development, Illumina, Inc.
  • Mirza Cifric, Chief Executive Officer, Veritas
  • James Lowey, Chief Information Officer, TGEN

Panel 2: Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Clinical Systems
The ability to follow a patient’s journey from the operating room, to the ICU, to care at home, is generating a greater amount, type, and quality of data streams than ever before. To help turn that data into insights and help caregivers make informed and faster healthcare decisions at every stage of the journey, technology such as AI is needed. In this interactive panel session, industry experts will discuss the challenges of putting the right tools in place in clinical systems to analyze data that can be turned into new financial, operational, and clinical insights with predictive power to help you sharpen your competitive advantage.

  • Moderator: Steve Allen, Director of the Clinical Systems Segment for Intel’s Health and Life Sciences Group
  • Dr. Tanuj Gupta, VP, Cerner Intelligence
  • Joe DeVivo, CEO, InTouch Health
  • Emma Fauss, CEO, Medical Informatics Corp.

Panel 3: Digital Transformation of Pharma
The merging of biological and computer sciences is now a reality for the pharmaceutical industry as evidence-based medicine demands access to the most recent research and all available clinical data from a multitude of sources. Embracing digital transformation and adapting AI solutions offers the potential for pharmaceutical companies to unleash groundbreaking insights. This interactive panel discussion will have industry experts discussing different applications being implemented by leading innovators, industry trends that will be transformed using artificial intelligence, and innovations that could digitally transform compound discovery thru clinical trials.
Intel Moderator: Sandra Colner, Director of the Lab for Intel’s Health and Life Sciences Group