American Medical Association

Partner Since Jul 2, 2019

The American Medical Association is the physician’s powerful ally in patient care. The AMA represents physicians with a unified voice. We leverage our knowledge and deep experience in health care to remove obstacles that interfere with patient care. We are leading the charge to confront public health crises, focusing on hypertension and pre-diabetes, and we are collaborating with industry leaders to drive the future of medicine.

At HLTH 2019, experts from the AMA will share the many exciting ways we are transforming digital health. Our focus is making technology an asset in the delivery of care, not a burden. Through the AMA innovation ecosystem, we are tackling the biggest challenges in health care, including data liquidity, chronic care management, radical productivity enhancement, value-based payment, digital medicine adoption and more. Evidence-based, patient-centered, care team-focused—that’s the AMA’s vision for the future of digital health.

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