Deerfield and Oxeon Join Forces with HLTH to Connect Healthcare Leaders with Qualified Female Board Candidates


Feb 26, 2019

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NEW YORK, Feb. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Break into the Boardroom (BiB) program, sponsored by Deerfield Management and Oxeon Partners, and HLTH announced today that they have joined forces to directly connect healthcare leaders with qualified female board candidates. The Get on Board: Break into the Boardroom Match Program is an extension of the BiB program that was founded to promote greater representation of female healthcare executives on boards within the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

There is broad acknowledgement that females remain significantly underrepresented on both public and private company boards, and that diversity of opinion and perspective improves governance. There are, however, few quantifiable steps being taken to improve the situation. With this in mind, and consistent with BiB's mission and approach, HLTH's featured diversity initiative aims to make a difference with a purposefully concrete design. Throughout the HLTH conference, being held in Las Vegas on October 27-30, 2019, healthcare leaders seeking to fill corporate board seats will have an opportunity to schedule individual meetings with qualified female executives interested in governance roles.

"BiB's collaboration with HLTH is designed to connect board leaders with talented, board-ready women who can be hard to find or unconsciously overlooked," said Jonathan Weiner, Founder, Chairman and CEO of HLTH. "Together, we have the opportunity to deliver quantifiable results by tracking and reporting on the number of organizations meeting diverse candidates, the number of women exposed to board opportunities, the number of interviews conducted, and the number of boards that move forward with adding a woman they met as a result of the Get on Board: Break into the Boardroom Match Program at HLTH."

Deerfield partner, Leslie Henshaw, notes that "too frequently directors are selected from a homogenous pool of candidates that look strikingly similar to the existing board. This happens not by design, or even with awareness… it's just the path of least resistance. HLTH and BiB see this event as a perfect forum to drive change by making it easy for existing board members to meet a curated pool of female candidates in an organized setting."

"We are thrilled to partner with HLTH to expand the reach of BiB, which runs an annual full-day program for approximately 40 qualified female healthcare executives interested in adding a first-time governance role to their professional credentials," said Mia Jung, an Oxeon partner. "While BiB has connected a number of its alumni with board opportunities, this event materially expands both the candidate and directorship pool from which we can promote matches."

The Get on Board: Break into the Boardroom Match Program has limited capacity and is on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information, or to submit organization or applicant interest in participating in the matched interview sessions, please visit

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