HLTH Foundation, the Not-For-Profit Arm of HLTH LLC, Acquires CSweetener Program for Mentoring Senior Women Leaders in Healthcare


Oct 28, 2019

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NEW YORK and LAS VEGAS, Oct. 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- HLTH, the largest and most important conference for health innovation, announced today that its not-for-profit arm, HLTH Foundation, has acquired CSweetener. Built on a branded tech platform, the CSweetener program matches senior women leaders in healthcare with topmost female and male mentors who can help advance their goals, skills, visibility and interest in the industry, with the aim to advance equity and parity for women in the field. CSweetener was founded by renowned venture capitalist Lisa Suennen, Lead, Digital & Technology Group, Lead, Manatt Ventures, Managing Director, Manatt Health, and Founder, Venture Valkyrie.

"I'm delighted that CSweetener has found a home where it can continue to grow to its full potential," said Suennen. "The mission of HLTH Foundation - 'to create positive and lasting change for those who are dedicated to improving health, lowering costs and advancing the industry through innovation and collaboration' - completely aligns with my vision for CSweetener.

"With only 13% of health organizations having a female CEO at the helm and less than 3% of venture investment going to female entrepreneurs, it's clear the industry needs tools that help level the playing field. CSweetener develops talented female leaders so they can fill the gap in the uppermost leadership roles in healthcare, and provides a pathway for those who have reached the C-suite and boardrooms in healthcare to give back as mentors."

"We are extremely grateful for the work that Lisa and her team have done to establish a working model for achieving gender equality in healthcare," said Jonathan Weiner, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of HLTH and Executive Director of the HLTH Foundation. "Further, CSweetener represents an opportunity to create a more competitive healthcare workforce and drive better results for healthcare organizations through equitable representation of women in leadership.

Part of the Foundation's mission is addressing the parity gap -- a critical component to moving the industry forward. In Q1 of 2020, HLTH Foundation will roll out a new iteration of the platform as part of the mission. We want to thank Lisa for her leadership and vision in creating this program and are grateful that she will continue in an advisory capacity to help drive CSweetener to the next level."

About HLTH Foundation

HLTH Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that develops, supports and funds initiatives to advance health equity, access, and transformation. Our mission is to foster positive and lasting change for those who are dedicated to improving health, lowering costs and advancing the industry through innovation and collaboration. To date, HLTH Foundation has donated over $300k to advance equality in care delivery and has pledged an additional $100k this year to initiatives focused on achieving parity for women and other underrepresented leaders within health organizations. For more information about HLTH Foundation or CSweetener, contact us below.