HLTH, the Blockbuster New Conference for Health Innovation that Launched this Spring, Announces Move to the Fall


Jun 27, 2018

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NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--HLTH, the industry’s groundbreaking new event covering disruptive innovations that are driving substantial reductions in health costs and dramatic increases in health quality, is moving from the spring to the fall, filling a major gap in the healthcare industry events calendar. The next HLTH event will be held on October 27-30, 2019 at MGM Grand’s brand new conference space in Las Vegas.

HLTH launched in May 2018 and broke the mold of traditional events with more than 3,500 attendees, including more than 700 CEOs, from 1,750 companies, making it the largest healthcare event launch in history. With 375 C-level speakers, 240 sponsors and 300 investors, HLTH immediately created a new model and established a new standard to empower health transformation.

“The tremendous success of our inaugural HLTH event this past May demonstrated the need for an all-in, must-attend health ecosystem conference where all major stakeholders share new solutions and strategies, where networking is curated and meaningful, and where key business-to-business exchanges take place,” said Jonathan Weiner, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of HLTH.

Simply put, no such forum exists today; instead, the spring already has far too many events, causing dilution and event fatigue in the first half of the year. “There is no definitive industry touchpoint in the fall,” said Weiner. “Shifting HLTH six months to the fall allows us to be even more impactful in our mission to serve as a catalyst for the improvement of healthcare in the US by enabling the industry to regroup as the current year comes to an end, as well as commence critical planning before the start of the new year.”

HLTH is planning several new and exciting additions to the 2019 event. The goal of HLTH 2019 is to bring all stakeholders together to commit to taking the necessary steps to flip the foundations of health. This will allow consumers to become better in making everyday decisions about how to be their healthiest selves.

The HLTH 2018 launch event received consistent high praise from throughout the health industry:

“Best health care conference I have ever attended. Bar none.”
~ David Feinberg, President & CEO, Geisinger

“Overnight, HLTH has become "the conference" for networking, business-building, idea generation and catching up with great friends for those of us focused on healthcare innovation. A must do event.”
~ Dr. Amy Abernethy, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Scientific Officer & SVP, Oncology,
Flatiron Health

“HLTH was a 2018 health conference that took us all by surprise, in a good way! Strong business leader representation across provider, payer, pharmaceutical and academic organizations attracted industry suppliers, media and venture capital. A great event place to learn about the key trends driving the health industry, network with peers, and find new business opportunity. A refreshing take on the overcrowded health conference scene.”
~ Dr. Simon Kos, Chief Medical Officer, Microsoft

"I really loved HLTH and it was incredibly well done! HLTH brought together a great mix of industry leaders and startups. I learned a lot from the sessions and enjoyed the one-on-one interactions. We'll definitely be back in 2019!"
~ Anne Wojcicki, CEO and Co-Founder, 23andMe

"HLTH has inspired the entire health industry to step up and make profound decisions on the way we engage and inspire people to manage their health. There's too much going on in the Spring, so holding HLTH in the Fall gives stakeholders the opportunity to dedicate their full attention."
~ Marcus Osborne, VP, Health Transformation, Walmart

“There are a lot of conferences so people have to be choosy. HLTH is one of a small number I will appear at every year, if asked. I found it very professional with the right people there. As long as it's not the dead of winter in Minneapolis, November in DC, or the dead of summer in Houston, there’s not a bad time for this.”
~ Andy Slavitt, General Partner, Town Hall Ventures

“The inaugural HLTH Conference was nothing short of exceptional! HLTH was loaded with meaningful content, high caliber speakers, attendees from all across healthcare, and a high energy, contemporary ambience. HLTH is on my MUST ATTEND annual conference list. Grateful for the move to the fall - prudent decision!”
~ James Mault, MD, FACS, SVP & Chief Medical Officer, Qualcomm Life

“HLTH was unique in facilitating serious conversations among leaders about our healthcare system and innovation, while creating an atmosphere of fun. Everyone was energized and contributing to the dialog”
~ Ana Gupte, Managing Director, Senior Research Analyst, Leerink Partners

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About HLTH

HLTH is the leading event covering innovation in healthcare that is driving substantial reductions in costs, and dramatic increases in quality. It’s an unprecedented, large-scale forum for individuals, companies and policymakers who are reshaping the healthcare industry to learn, collaborate and evolve. The event is unique in bringing together all key industry stakeholders, ranging from large established providers, payers, employers and pharma services to disruptive startups and prolific investors as well as representatives from government, media and analysts. By helping reshape the dialogue and ecosystem, HLTH serves as a catalyst for the development of the healthcare industry during a period of fundamental change. To learn more, visit www.hlth.com.