Main caricature of Dr. Michelle Perugini, who is speaking at HLTH and is CEO at Presagen Overlay caricature of Dr. Michelle Perugini, who is speaking at HLTH and is CEO at Presagen

Dr. Michelle Perugini



Dr. Michelle Perugini is an academic, entrepreneur, and an internationally renowned expert in digital health, medical research, and advanced AI technologies. Dr Perugini has a PhD in Medicine and was a stem cell biologist for a decade. Michelle was a founder of the global technology company ISD Analytics, leading the commercialisation of its award-winning predictive analytics product Simulait, ISD was acquired by Ernst and Young {EY) in 2015. Dr Perugini is now the Co-Founder and CEO of Presagen, an AI company that connects clinics globally to build scalable AI medical products. Presagen co-creates scalable AI products with clinics while preserving data privacy and sharing the commercial value. Presagen’s first product is Life Whisperer that uses AI to assist clinicians to select viable embryos in IVF to improve outcomes for couples wanting to have children. International clinical studies have shown that Life Whisperer is 25% more accurate than visual selection of embryos by skilled embryologists. Dr Perugini is also a dedicated mentor and advisory board member to the University of South Australia Business School, and University of Adelaide Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation and Innovation Centre (ECIC), Australian Federal Research & Development Incentives Committee, and numerous technology start-ups.

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