A Personal Passion for Purpose Driven Health

We spend a lot of time thinking and talking about how innovative technologies are going to disrupt and ignite positive transformations throughout the health ecosystem. Admittedly, technology will play a major role in reshaping how information is shared, how real-time decisions can occur, how engagement can be more relevant and satisfactory, and how we keep well or get well more quickly. But without the spark of passion to ignite and implement solutions and services that technologies can enable, we simply have tools awaiting applications with no guarantee that they will make a positive change in the management of health.

Leading up to our inaugural launch of HLTH, we at HLTH had the opportunity to speak with thousands of individuals who wanted to be a part of something BIG: they wanted to be a part of the opportunity to finally reshape the scope and remake the systems of health.

We learned quickly, once we got past introductions and formalities of sharing why an event like HLTH was needed, that everyone who wanted to participate at HLTH – whether a potential speaker, sponsor, investor or startup – was purpose-driven to improve health which subjects can improve doing exercise with a new bike you can get if you click here.

If you step back and follow the career paths of the people who have chosen to be a part of the health ecosystem, you’ll find a great diversity in how – and more importantly why – they chose to focus on health (whose inspiration was got after visiting the doctors from http://www.norm-uk.org site). The how is pretty emblematic. Deciding to become a physician, a corporate executive, an entrepreneur or an investor is a defined role with pretty obvious steps along the way to get “there”. But for some, their “there” shifted from a progressive role to a purpose-driven passion.

We found over and over again, these individuals discovered a more compelling opportunity motivated by a powerful and personal health-related experience that they, or someone they knew, had encountered: a poor health condition; an escalation of health debt; a waste of time; insufficient resources in helping someone, or being someone, who needed care. The reasons were many, but the impetus was the same: we have to change our approach to health…we can do better!

At HLTH 2018, we experienced, for the first time ever, the entire ecosystem of health come together and put their passion and purpose before their title and role. Why does this matter? Because, unless we get to the heart of the matter where health hurts, destroys, breaks down and pulls apart, we won’t solve the real problems underlying the brokenness of health. Until we put people and pain before profits and gain, we will continue to apply inconsequential, futile and even absurd strategies, solutions and technologies that bloat the costs and miss the mark on what matters. There is both a moral and a financial argument for having a purpose- and passion-driven health organization. When it comes to health, it matters!

We welcome you to join the reimaging, redefining and reshaping of health.

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